mercoledý 19 dicembre, 2018

AA.VV. - Pyschedelia the ultimate anthology

Anno: 2004

Nazionalità: GER

Supporto: DVD


Sigillato - Twelve great psychedelic rock classics brought together in one stunning volume. World wide hits by renowned artists such as Van Der Graaf Generator, Renaissance, and Bonzo Dog Do Da Band. These bands explored the sonic possibilities of their music, moving towards more free-form, fluid song structures, often incorporating elements of Indian and Eastern music and electronically altering their sound in the studio

1. Atomic Rooster - Black Snake
2.2 Bonzo Dog Do Da Band - Here Comes The Equestrian Statue
3. Curved Air - Vivaldi
4. Family - Strange Band
5. Gong - Radio Gnome
6. Hawkwind - Ejection
7. Lucifer's Friend - Ride The Sky
8. Nektar - Nelly The Elephant
9. Renaissance - Island
10. Soft Machine - The Tale Of Taliesan
11. UFO - Boogie
12. Van Der Graaf Generator - A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers

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