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BURKE KEVIN - In good company the very best of

Anno: 1998

Nazionalità: UK

Supporto: CD


1. Merengue
2. The Boys Of Ballycastle/The Stack Of barley 
3. Dionne reel/Mouth Of The Tobique
4.Breton Gavottes
5. The Thrush In The Straw/A health To The Ladies/The Boys Of The Town
6. Kuivatasluevalssi
7. Paddy's Return/willy Coleman's/Up In The Air
8. Frailach
9. Music For A Found Harmonium/La Partida/Roumanian Tune/Calgary Polka/Leaving Brittany
10. Ryan's
11. The Blom Of Youth/Molloy's favourite/Thel '.il'in I luiiler
12. Maudabawn Chapel/The wild Irishman/The Molher Reel
13. Bourees
14. Tuttle's Reel/The Bunch Of Green rushes/The Maids Of Mitchelstown
15. Lucy's Fling/S'iomadh Rud A Chunnaic/Some Say The Devil Is Dead
16. Ducino Kolo
17. Tom Morrison's/The Bear Island Reel/George White's Favourite/Dipping The Sheep
18. The Orphan/The Mist On The Mountain/The Stolen Purse
19. Flowers Of The Forest
20. Blair Atholl/The Cairdin O't/Lexy McAskill 

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