mercoledý 21 novembre, 2018

SISQO' - Unleash the dragon
[548 255-2]

Anno: 1999

Nazionalità: EU

Supporto: CD



1. Unleash The Dragon (Lp version explicit)
2. Got To Get It - feat. Make It Hot
3. Is Love Enough - feat. LovHer
4. 2nite (interlude)
5. How Can I Love U 2nite (Lp version explicit)
6. Your Love Is Incredible (Lp version)
7. So Sexual (Lp version explicit)
8. Thong Song (Lp version explicit)
9. Incomplete (Lp version explicit)
10. Addicted (Lp version explicit)
11. Dru World Order (interlude - dedicated to Dru Hill)
12. Enchantment Passing Through - performed by Dru Hill
13. You Are Everything - feat. Ja Rule
14. Thong Song (Artful Dodger remix)
15. Unleash the dragon (Stargate radio edit)
16. Thong song (uncensored video only)
17. Thong song (enhanced video track only)
18. Got to get it (video only)

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