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AA.VV. - Celtic Harp

Anno: 1998

Nazionalità: UK

Supporto: CD


1. The lamb's fold
2. The willow tree
3. Farwell to happy llangyfelach
4. Two manx dances: Berry Dhone/Mona's Delight
5. The cockle gatherer
6. Jezebel Carol
7. Lord Willoughby
8. Kill Cash
9. Sheep under the snow
10. Willie drooned in yarrow
11. Mary Young and fair
12. The banks of the suir
13. All through the night
14. Drink to me only with thine eyes
15. The rising of the lark
16. My love is like a red red rose
17. Royal dream/Winter has gone
18. Scarborough fair
19. The queen's marsh
20. Flowers of the forest
21. Skye boat song
22. The foggy dew
23. Gather ye rosebuds
24. Harp of gold
25. Cornish dance
26. Keel row/Hundred pipers
27. Royal lament
28. Ned of the hill
29. The silkie 

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